Saturday, June 19, 2010

Portland finally starting to heat up.

on Thursday evening, my sister wanted to take muffin to the dog park. 
she happened to be texting rob (small in stature, dark hair, blue eyes, cute tattoos, works at Pita Pit, rides a fixie...) and invited him to meet up with us.
he came.
and we brought wine in a commuter cup. and he brought Hamms.
we played with muffin, talked Pita, and drank.
rob was talking more than normal. he is usually very shy.
he was stoned, and i am assuming had a few drinks before he met up with us.
he told us that he made-out with noel (hott girl from Pita Pit).

we walked back to my sister's place and drank some more.
rob's friend mike came.
rob sat next to me on the couch.
i didn't mind.
soon he was leaning on me.

we watched the mighty boosh.
he talked a lot.
about pita. and muffin. and it was funny. and how hes 25 but only slept with 7 girls. and how he would fuck amanda. and how maidson is "dtf" but he isnt....
he was clearly wasted.and revealing his secrets, drunkenly.
my sister went to bed around midnight leaving me with the boys.

rob tried to tickle me and i told him i wasnt ticklish. sorry.
he kept pulling me towards him and kissed me on the cheek a few times.
i guess i wasnt responding exactly as he had hoped because he said "what, you dont like me??"
and i said "i dont even know you!" and he said "i dont know you either...but i think youre hott..."


he tried the cheek kiss again. then went in for the lips. (all while his friend is just chillin on the other couch)
and i scrunched up my face and did NOT go for it. (sorry rob).
he felt stupid. and i was just like no no its fine.
he gave me a biig hug.
and tried to convince me to stay in portland and transfer to portland state. ha

he came over the next day because he forgot his bag here.
we made simple small talk and he left.

dear rob,
youre cute. but dont talk about fucking or wanting to fuck or even making out with girls on the same occasion that you try to kiss me. and dont try to hook up with me with your friend as an observer.
i hope we can still be friends.

love always,