Saturday, April 3, 2010

first post- a recall of a week agos "love-capades"

i had been looking forward to friday all week.  not only was it the start of spring break, but also a night of partying with my friends.  after a long day of dealing with a broken car and crabby people, i was ready to let loose.
i put on a cute party dress, did my hair and makey, added some vodka to my slurrpie and i was ready to party.

party #1:  i knew my newly ex-boyfriend, jason would be there, and i was also looking forward to seeing peter, a potential new boyfriend.
peter was kind and comforting.  the type of person where i can say "it's good to know there are still people like you out there in the world." 
we had a few brief rende-vous the week before.  one involved doughnuts and climbing trees, the other horchata and "get-to-know you" games. 
i arrived at the party at the same time as my ex.  i was feeling confident and cute.  also a little tipsy.  i hoped to make him jealous.  after talking and greeting most of the people at the party, putting out a fire! and spilling a glass of wine, i realized peter was not there, nor did i think he was coming!
my bff brittan urged me to be aggressive and text him.  he said he was on a boat and he misses me.  this was enough of a confidence booster to tell him i wanted to dance with him.  a few more overly-aggressive texts and i was ready to move on to the next party.

party #2:  i knew jonathan, a boy i had "dance-flirted" with the weekend before, would be there.

(this party is quite a bit more blurry than the last due to my large consumption of keg-beer and wine)

dancing.  lots of dancing in the basement.  i danced with jonathan.  one of my favorite songs "home" by edward sharpe came on.  we danced.  he had never heard the song before.  brittan and i decide it is time for our weekly trip to taco king for "cali burritos."  by this time its about 2AM.  i grab jonathan and hes willing to come along.  we ate burritos.  brittan asked jonathan lots of questions.  he knows my cousin.  hes quiet and adorable.  he is wearing a shirt that says "wolf-pack."  we take him back to party#2 to reconnect with his friends but invite him to come build a fort at my apt.  he puts my apt. number into his phone (me wishing it was my phone number instead, but this will do for now.) and leaves.  we get back to my apt and reminesce about the night.  i am on cloud nine.  i want this boy.  but i want him to date me.  how can i play nice but also wheel him in?  its a hard balance.  time passes and i decide hes not coming.  i put miss-matched pajamas on.  of course, i then hear a knock at the door.  i answer and realize my shirt is backwards and inside-out.  grrreat.  we build a fort.  i pull out my snuggie.  we lay under the fort and hold hands.  zachariah tells a story about black holes and space/time continuoms.  brittans speaks of a missunderstanding between her mom and herself involving the "circle of life."  jonathan tells a story.  i wish i could remember the content.  i talk about the van gogh print on the wall.  i turn over and fall asleep.  zac, brittan and i awake around 4AM.  we realize jonathan has sneaked out!  i am somewhat relieved.  now i can wash my makey off and sleep in my bed!

i wake early the next morning and check facebook. 

friend request:  jonathan cooper.

relationships always start with facebook right?

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