Sunday, May 2, 2010

swings and the supernatural.

peter asked me to go on a walk late last night.
i hoped this wasnt going to be some form of a "dtr."
we hopped the fence to the playground behind our apartment complex.
we climbed, and slided, and swung.  mostly swung.
we talked about being kids. and books. and pretention.
and we walked. and there were weird smells.
and he told me a quote from les mis.
and it was about love.
and we walked up to the historic house/garden/funeral home? across the street from west campus.
and we creeped in the windows and talked about how creepy it was. and there was a statue of a man in the window and there looked like a body in the hammock in the yard. and i couldnt handle it anymore. and we left.
and we talked about the supernatural.
and cat power.
i love cat power.

and we walked to my door.
and we will see each other again tonight.
and i may or may not write about it.

but i just want to say, that ending a night is always awkward.
i hate the hug at the door and they "ok bye, see you."
and i wish i could say that i dont mind awkwardness.
but i do.
and i wish never to experience it again, but i know i will and it is all a part of "trying someone on to see if they fit."

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