Saturday, August 14, 2010

Youre not really my style...

My initial summer fling has ended prematurely.

But has taken flight within a new figure.

Matt is a boy that took interest in my ex-roommate several seasons ago.
He is 26, owns his own clothing company, works at a church, and is quite good looking.
And we had a night filled with flirting, footsy, hugs, and texts.
And now he wants to hang out. in L.A. when i'm in school and settled down.
And he flatters me with his text messages.
And he is conventional and so good on paper. Not my type. But should be my type.

But i've heard he does this with any attractive girl.  He trys to woo them and woo them hard.
I dont want to be one of many.  And I never want to be second choice. or 3rd or 4th.

I'm going to let it play out and see what happens.  He seems like he'd make a good boyfriend. One who'd spoil his girlfriend.

I'm down for that.

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